Thursday, September 17, 2009

Those Numbers Make Me Look Violent

Today, offhand, I looked at Roughly two years after the release of the game (as of next weekend) I have played exactly 1000 games of Halo 3. Some of that time has been well, spent, some of it not. Most of it was fun though. Over the course of 1000 games, I've got:

*7853 Enemies killed in campaign
*631 Social Multiplayer games
*280 Ranked Multiplayer games
*550 Experience points
*-9 Experience penalties
*216 kills with Needler (It's okay guys, I've got it)
*268 Grenade sticks
*328 kills with the Ghost
*17 Splatter sprees (all of which were with the Ghost, I'm sure)
*1 Vehicular Manslaughter
*303 Splatters
*481 kills with the Warthog turret (see Alex, I've got a bit of experience here)
*243 kills with sniping weapons
*73 Snipe medals (Yeah, I'm efficient and skilled)
*1 Rampage
*31 Steaktaculars
*11,351 kills
*10,841 deaths
That's right, a positive spread. Thank you.

Well, I'm caught up for homework, so I think it's off for game 1001.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Mmm, Whatcha say?

Wow, I really let this thing die, didn't I? I wonder if anyone will actually see this.

So, here we go. Look out, I'm going to clog up your browser with videos. Sorry. I've been wasting some time on youtube again. Yay holiday weekend. Anyway, thanks to Rodney and Sean, I've become aware of the "Dear Sister" Saturday Night Live sketch, which is apparently actually called "The Shooting." It is a parody of a scene from The OC (rather violent, consider yourself warned):

Which led to this SNL skit (I know, I know, "Screenflow Demo"? Well, it was that, or some guy filming his actual TV. I'd consider this the lesser of 2 evils. This one's hard to find.):
EDIT: Linked because the embedding messed up the margins. I hate that.

Apparently, this sparked a huge meme with people making parodies that I somehow managed to miss. (Violence, Spoilers from the various movies used, etc.)

There's The Matrix:


Lord of the Rings:

World Cup Soccer:

Duck Hunt:

The Office:
Link! (Embedding was disabled, but it's just too good not to include.)

"Charlie Bit My Finger":

Monty Python and the Holy Grail:


... As you can see, it goes (or went) on and on. It would seem to be a rather old joke at this point, but since I missed it the first time around, I think I'm within my rights to post it! Sorry if you found this completely un-funny!

In case you were curious, the song used in the scene, and its subsequent parodies is "Hide and Seek", by Imogen Heap. It's a rather lovely song, I think.