Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hokai, so...

The Clunker's been through another rough spot. Nothing crashed, but there was a fair bit of breakage. That's right, my computer was physically broken. The hinge on the right side of the monitor locked up, then started tearing into the case, making stuff break.

So, we took the crazy thing apart to get the hinge out and try to unstick it. My computer spent the last week or two in pieces of my kitchen table.

Soooooo, long story short, we couldn't get it the damned hinge unstuck, so I put it back together, just without the hinge. Unfortunately, the monitor can't stand up anymore, and the case is still all broken apart; fortunately, all the insides seem to be functioning normally. My computer's more broken than ever, but at least it's still functional.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I finally deciphered the mystery...

...of obscurly named rock and roll sub-genres. Yep, it's a little like that whole fountain of youth/ golden cities of cibola thing those 15th century guys in the ships were after, except a little more 21st century suburbanite.

The first thing you need to remember is that it's all as subjective as hell. That's right: conventional rules, goodbye! Adios, Ingles! Puedes usar mas o menos qualquier nombre que deseas. Oh, lo siento... anyway, the name itself isn't all that important. The most important thing to remember when naming obscure rock and roll subgenres is to speak with authority. You must project confidence. Nay, what's more, you must go beyond confident, straight to aloof and superior. If you act like you're better than everyone, people who don't know about your obscure rock and roll subgenre (which is just about everybody) will assume you're better educated, more knowledgeable, privy to some trivia they're just unaware of. Now, we'll go step by step in obscure subgenre classification.

Step One: Select a broad, accepted rock and roll subgenre. Some of these include alternative (quite vague), punk (think angry kids with ugly hair), pop (if it's not punk, and middle school girls like it, it probably goes here), and soft rock (let's get mellow and sappy!), but you're by no means limited to these. For our purposes, we'll take the ever-present sub-genre punk.

Step Two: Here, we get a little more creative. We need to narrow our sub-genre down a little. This is best done with either a time period or a cultural movement, or very often both, for instance, grunge, 80's, emo, disco, or something of the like. I find this most effective when using the prefixes pre- and post-. It sounds better if we say when it wasn't, not when it was. For our example, let's go for pre-emo. Okay, so far, we have Pre-emo punk.

Step Three: This is where we conclude our absurd exercise, and have the most fun. Be warned, though, this is the part that makes the least sense. Take pretty much any noun, verb, or adjective, and add the suffix -core. For instance, cheesecore, jumpcore, sneezycore, or hey, suffixcore. Let's use something simple though, something like sheepcore. Here we go:

Pre-emo Sheepcore Punk

There we have it; we've created our own obscure rock and roll subgenre. What does it sound like? I don't know! But neither does anyone else, and that's the main thing. Go forth my young friends, and use your powers for good, not evil.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Random Overview Updatetacular!

So, here I am, back home and on the internet, blogging because I suck at rolling dice. It's been a pretty busy 5 weeks since I moved in here, what with getting stuff situated in the new apartment (an ongoing project, maybe I'll be all moved in before I move out), going to work all the freakin' time (still part time though), and tagging along on the Oelke vacation to the Dairy/Badger State.

As far as the apartment goes, I've got all the furniture in, the living room set up, stuff on the walls in everything except the bathroom and bedroom. I still need to get more dishes, pots and pans, get my bedroom all nice and moved in looking, and I also want to get some houseplants...we'll see if I can keep them alive. I've got to get all my decoration all set, but I've got a lot on the walls, so that's a plus.

I've been somewhat gaga for the world cup, despite the fact that the US team sucked it up big time again. Why is it that every time the tournament's in Europe, we can't get out of the first round? Oh well, Brazil's not going to win again, so I'm happy about that.

I've started working mornings lately...the getting up early sucks, but the being done by 1 is pretty sweet.

Though all my fish survived the move, which was a great surprise, I recently lost my plecostomus, Benjamin Disraeli III. My Gourami doesn't look well, and I thought he was going to bite it when we were out of town, but strangely he persists. Maybe he'll actually get well. That would be pretty crazy.

The trip was pretty good, there were some ups and downs, but the last half of the trip was considerably more enjoyable than the first. Lots of fireworks and food, and I got to see a lot of Wisconsin. It's really pretty up there, very much not Oklahoma. On the way out, we saw Flogging Molly play in Milwaukee. They are FABULOUS. If you like their studio music, you would not be disappointed by their live performance. Yeah, they pretty much just kick ass. The trip back kicked ass too, in the sense that it kicked our asses...yikes. We left Milwaukee around midnight on the 5th. I drove until four that morning, and Meagan slept, then we switched. We stopped and slept for a couple of hours near Springfield, Illinois, then continued. Pretty much all of I-44 in Missouri and Oklahoma was under construction and down to one lane each way every 20 miles or so. Probably the highlight of the trip back was when we ate lunch at Panera Bread in Rolla, Missouri, and had a short conversation with the band director of the university there, who apparently was a history major at one point. Score! Anyway, the whole experience was very tiring, and when you add midnight Pirates and work at 7, it's very very tiring. I'm still tired...woo hoo!

Also, Cheese curds, freakin' great, but they don't exist here...freakin' sucks.