Monday, February 27, 2006

Johari Window

So...I got this in an e-mail from Jenni Walker about a week ago, and sent it in an email to a few people, and now i'm putting it on here, so everybody can see how I'm percieved. Go on, percieve know you want to.

EDIT: Fun fact, this was done by the same guy who did Urban Dead.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

"Go back to the killing...

...I can't take any more of the death."

We just watched We Were Soldiers, the Vietnam War movie from a few years ago. It was strange; the scenes of men dying in horrible ways on the battlefield didn't bother me very much. The scenes with the wives recieving news of their husbands' death, however, were a bit much for me. Were I a movie cryer, that definitely would have done it.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


All the papers are done. I don't want to do that many papers in a row ever again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

All-nighter Post, With a Vengence

Holy crap, I did it again...

To say that my paper is "Not good" would be an accurate statement to a certain extent. More accurate would be an something along the lines of "in desperate need of revision," "somewhat incomplete," or "more bullshit than I can really get away with." So, it's either going to be nap for a little bit, then do a day of class and revise during breaks, or the same thing, with not sleeping. Either way, with class today, writing another paper tonight, class tomorrow, and work tomorrow, I'm going to be pretty much useless come tomorrow night...I sit here and think that it's strange to call Thursday tomorrow, and I don't even want to consider how bad my body clock is going to be screwed then.

Is it 'cause they like my gangster ways?

As a matter of fact, yes. It is because they like my gangster ways. You don't even have to finish the song!

Monday, February 20, 2006

All-Nighter Post, Part Deux

Okay, so here's the scoop.

The day went just fine, I only nodded off once, and that in a lecture class, not something more important. Now I've made the probably foolish decision to stay up until some sort of "going to sleep" kind of time, because if I went to sleep now, I'd just wake up in the middle of the night, and be tired half-way through work tomorrow. Forget about writing my paper for Honors. So, since my schedule will not accomodate me being nocturnal, I will stay up this evening and watch Planet of the Apes (so I can write that paper) and probably have some dinner, because that's a good thing. I just REALLY REALLY hope that neither of these next two papers turn into all-nighters, because I'm really tired right now. So Meagan and I are going to get some frozen custard. Yay, frozen custard!

All-Nighter Post!

Hooray for original titles!

So, I pulled an all-nighter finishing my spanish paper. I don't feel super great, but pretty good, considering I haven't slept for nearly 24 hours. I just watched the US team lose a curling match to Canada. Yeah, I'm pretty much an olympics junkie. If it were more than every two years, I'd probably be in trouble. I'm watching ice dancing right now, for crying out loud! So, sadly this will probably not be the last all-nighter this week, as I've got two more papers left, and I haven't started either of them. Naturally, I think this one is pretty much crap, but I always do that, so we'll wait to see the grade. So, now I get to go out in the 30 degree weather and play the see if I can stay awake for six more hours game. I hope I win. I don't think I'd get a gold medal though.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hewie Lewis Needs Time to Create

Well, as my begin-the-semester post promised, I've been a busy guy. Though I haven't had to take up residence in the library yet, I have been considerably out of action as far as fun and hanging out go. Another thing I've missed is reading the news. I did a little bit of this lately, and I'm pleased to report that it's just as funny as ever. Who needs The Daily Show? Headlines like this take care of themselves.

Though it's not really funny, the biggest news for me lately has been the beginning of the Olympics. This biannual international athletic spectacle has always been one of my favorite things to watch. The winter ones are so much fun. I mean, who'd have guessed you could make so many sports out of sliding around on ice? Come to think of it, curling is kinda funny...he he he, brooms.

In international news, Muslims are upset (and by upset, I mean rioting in the streets) because a Danish newspaper published a comic depicting the prophet Muhammed as having a turbin that was actually a ticking timebomb. And it's not like there are a few looneys trying to get political in the nearly every Muslim majority country, people have been gathering in throngs to chant anti-Danish slogans and burn Danish flags, parliaments have passed resolutions comdemning newspapers. In some cases, the rioters have stormed embassies and newspaper offices. Can you imagine if this sort of thing happened in the US? What if the Republicans rioted in the streets every time a cartoonist depicted Bush as a monkey? Or, even more parallel, what if mobs of Christians razed local FOX affiliates every time Family Guy depicted Jesus in an insulting way? None of us would get a moments peace, or American Idle for that matter!

Iraq has recently elected a new prime minister, who happens to be a Shi'ite. The Sunnis say they're being oppressed as retaliation for the oppression of Shi'ites under Saddam Hussein, and the Kurds say that they're not getting enough sovereignty. Meanwhile, a large U.S. military force occupies the country, trying to keep the three factions from being blown to bits while they chomp at eachothers' throats.

Speaking of Saddam Hussein, they made him come back to his trial. He responded by screaming things like "Down with Bush!" and "Long live Iraq!" and calling the judge a criminal. I can't really say I blame him though. Nobody stays in power for 30+ years by being stupid, and anyone with half a brain would know he's totally going down. I guess he figures if he's going out, he might as well do it with a bang.

Speaking of dignified politicians, VP Dick Cheney shot some guy this weekend while they were hunting quail. Nobody died, but tell me, is anyone surprised by this, at all?

In local reports, in a recent interview with Hornets rookie Chris Paul, former NBA star and TNT commentator Charles Barkley recently refered to Oklahoma, and the city specifically, as a "vast wasteland". Maybe that's because HALF THE STATE IS ON FIRE! He also said that it "wasn't a place for" black people. Well, anyway, Paul responded by calling Barkley lazy. This whipped the local media into a frenzy, with every leading personality from the local TV stations and newspapers, and even the Governor to challenge Barkley to come to the city and enjoy a Hornet's game, dinner, et cetera. He'd probably change his mind if he came, but then, that might not be a good idea, as some overly-proud country boy would probably punch him in the face.

So, that's my take on the weekend's news. Feel free to leave me comments, and I will feel free to make fun of, I mean answer them.

Friday, February 03, 2006

R.O.P.D.R.P.W. Episode V: Final Answer

Big-assed Red Disclaimer:
The following episode of Richard's Occasional and Poorly-Drawn Random Paint Webcomic features metaphorical decapitation of a certain OU history professor. I'm not advocating physical violence here. It is not meant to be taken seriously, like, at all. I have a lot of respect for the man, and I still consider murder a horrible thing that shouldn't happen. What you should take seriously is the fact that anyone attempting to exact some sort of physical violence against Dr. Savage would totally get themselves messed up. The man is a complete badass, and probably wouldn't hesitate in any sort of threatening situation. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he kept a vintage colt revolver in pristine working condition and loaded in his desk drawer, and a 12-guage under his bed, with spare shells in the dresser. Consider yourself warned.

(Once again, this is merely a representation of a surprising grade)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Just 'Cause

I'm writing a lymerick now,
not singing, or milking a cow.
It's here on my blog,
not under a log.
That's just more than I could allow.